Hacks & Other Buzzwords

Buzzwords, they’re everywhere.

There’s Awesome, Dude, Hustle and Hacks to name a few.

Buzzwords are nothing new, we’ve always had them, these are just some of the current ones.

Hacks is particularly interesting because, to me, it represents a growing trend in modern society to want everything fast.

A hack is a shortcut or way of getting a result without putting in the effort normally associated with achieving that result.

We see traffic hacks, life hacks, YouTube hacks, cooking hacks, mind hacks and the list goes on. During my research for this post I even saw a glue gun hacks – whatever that is.

In the Internet Marketing niche we come across the term hacks all of the time.

So much of the ‘shiny object’, ‘make money while you play’ product launch circus is based around a hack of one sort or another.

People are being conditioned to expect a quick way to the cash now and when that doesn’t happen they fail and often quit on their dreams.

Sadly the route to success online is not about finding some hack or other. It’s about taking time to build a real business, that helps people, provides solutions to problems, moves people forward in whatever they are trying to achieve.

A while back I came across a post by Morgan Housel entitled “Useful Hacks“.

In it he lists several useful hacks that we would all do well to adopt in our lives.

His list includes things like;

Marketing hack: Make a good product that people need.
Learning hack: Read a book. When finished, read another.
Learning hack: Read a book. When finished, read another.
Savings hack: Lower your ego and live below your means.
Product hack: Solve a legitimate problem.
Productivity hack: Realize the consequences of being unproductive.

It’s well worth reading his full post here

I’ve mentioned before that the quickest way to build a real business is by becoming an affiliate marketer.

And the best person to learn how to do that from is Rosalind Gardner.

Don’t let the search for fast money hacks steal your dream.

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Trevor Greenfield

I'm a UK based Internet marketer. I've been generating an income online since 1997 and teaching other people to do the same since 1999.

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