I’m back … with some good news for your 2017


I’ve been off air for a few weeks but I haven’t been just lazing around.

I always take time over the Christmas/ New Year holiday period to review how my past year has gone and plan for the new one coming up.

This year I, like many people it seems, picked up a very stubborn cold germ that had me off my feet for over a week.

Consequently not only were the festive celebrations cancelled for me but I didn’t get the work done that I normally do.

I did get straight back at it though as soon as I felt able and have some interesting plans for 2017.

My new plans for this year going forward are all about helping as many people as possible to finally start making some headway online.

I’ve noticed over several years now that a growing number of people approaching or past retirement age are having to continue working to pay their bills.

Because of that I’m going to be focusing my attention on this age group in particular.

I’ve cut out a lot of the things that I’ve been spending time on in the past and will be focusing on just three areas going forward;

Training courses

I really enjoyed publishing my first book “Going Solo” so I have several ideas for more books this year.

There are lots of new options for hosting courses online now and that has encouraged me to finally get my courses off my hard drive and online. It’s something that I’ve been intending to do for a long time but there hasn’t been an easy to use solution available until the last year.

Finally I’ve had many requests to provide consultancy in the past and always declined them. Now because of the difficulty many seniors are having, as I mentioned earlier, I have decided to start working on some coaching options.

I’ll keep you updated on this as I get things ready to roll out. For now it would be really helpful to me to know how many of you would welcome the help from someone who has been in the trenches for many years now.

Someone to identify where you’re getting stuck and remove the blockage so you can move forward.

Leave a comment below this post and let me know your thoughts, problems or any other comments.

I’ve found coaching to be very helpful to me in my business and still work with coaches now. They provide that essential outside perspective that often is the key to rapid success.

Over the holiday period I got to know a new fellow online marketer that has achieved great results from a coaching program.

Just 2 years ago she had no knowledge of Internet marketing at all. Despite that and the fact that she has a full-time job and 2 small babies to care for, she was able to put together a product launch that generated her over 800 new subscribers and around $4k in January.

This proves, if proof were needed that, that anybody can succeed at this making money online stuff.

If you’re serious about getting started now like my new friend did, I have persuaded her coach to let me offer his coaching to you guys. He has helped thousands of people with no clue about making money online achieve success.

If you need someone to hold your hand and guide you to your success now you will not find anyone better.

You should at least check it out

>> Here’s the link >>

As a special gift from me for trying it out I’ve added a bonus training. It’s available on the download page and is a new training that I’m going to be launching in the next few weeks. It called The Superstar Traffic & List Building Formula and teaches how I get leads from solo ads that pay for themselves.

While on the subject of traffic, I got hold of the new training from Stefan Ciancio this week. I’ve gone through it in detail and am adding it as another traffic source in my business.

It’s as close as you’ll get to guaranteed traffic that I’ve seen.

>> Here’s the link for that >>

My Superstar Traffic & List Building training ties in nicely with this too so if you go ahead and purchase Growii through my link I’ll send you a copy. Just forward you payment receipt to me and I’ll be sure to send you a copy.

Ok, that’s all for today. Remember to leave me your comments about coaching or anything to do with what’s your roadblock currently, either by replying to this email or below this post on my blog.

Until next time,

Kindest regards,


Trevor Greenfield

I'm a UK based Internet marketer. I've been generating an income online since 1997 and teaching other people to do the same since 1999.

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