Issue #1013 – The New Online Marketing Rules – Ignore Them and Fail?


Action Today: The New Online Marketing Rules – Ignore Them and Fail?

Tuesday November 22nd, 2011: Issue #1013
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I discussed in newsletter 1010 recently the post Panda changes
that Google appear to have made to their ranking algorithm. If
you missed it it’s worth checking out. The basis of the
discussion was the recently leaked Google report issued to its
human reviewers. In it they appear to favor more authority type
sites rather than the ‘thin’ 2 or 3 page sites that our affiliate
sites tended to be.

The report was very extensive and included lots of points that if
correct really changed the SEO game. Two of the points that I
found particularly interesting were bounce rate and time on site.
Basically, Google are apparently taking note of whether visitors
to our site are clicking out immediately either via a link to
another site or by clicking the back button and how long they
stay on our sites.

Of course since Google don’t tell us what they’re actually
looking for a lot of what we do is guesswork. That’s why when we
do get some real evidence we need to take notice. I heard from
Andrew Hansen, co-creator with Josh Stanton of the unstoppable
affiliate program, today that the bounce rate and time on site
elements seem to be correct.

As part of the Unstoppable Affiliate Coaching Program they built
an affiliate site to demonstrate how affiliate sites should be
built. This site has no backlinks, which we have always thought
were vital for good search engine positioning and not that much
content. Despite being in the health niche, one of the most
competitive, this site ranks well and revenue from it is growing
month on month.

What is different about this site is that because it was used as
part of the program, it received lots of visitors that stayed on
the site a long time and because of that the bounce rate was also
very low.

The lesson to learn from this is that we need to make our sites
interesting and sticky. One of the ways that we can do this is by
adding relevant and captivating video to our sites. While our
visitors are hanging around watching our video the time on site
is going up. Including links from our home page to other pages on
the site can also work to keep the time on site longer. Another
useful practice is to make all hyperlinks open in a new page.
Even if our visitor then links to another site our original page
is still open.

As difficult as it is to keep up with these constant changes,
Google controls the bulk of searches now and if we want to rank
well, get visitors and make money we can’t ignore them.

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30 day HTML and CSS course

People often ask me questions about how to do certain things on
their blogs or websites that involve making changes to the HTML
or CSS. A lot of these changes are actually quite easy if you
know just a little bit about HTML.

Even though you may not want to become a skilled web developer,
and I wouldn’t recommend that you spend all of your time
developing everything, it’s still useful to know a little bit
about how websites are developed and what HTML and CSS are. As a
business owner you should be working on your business not in it,
outsourcing everything you can so that you can concentrate on
building the business. Having said that it is still good to
understand a bit about how things are done so that you know what
your outsourcers are talking about, and know if they are trying
to blind you with techie speak.

Just recently I thought I’d search around for a good resource to
recommend to people and after much digging I’ve found a really
good step by step course that is also completely free to access.
It is called 30 days to learn HTML and CSS.

The course contains 30 lessons that take you through every aspect
of creating your website from scratch. It’s an excellent
foundation to how websites work and even people who already know
some basic web programming will learn something from it. I highly
recommend it, and like I said it’s also completely free.

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The Thought For Today

Whatever the mind of man (and woman) can conceive and believe it
can achieve. Whether we achieve success in our life has more to
do with our thoughts and beliefs than it does with our abilities.
We read all the time about people with poor education from
deprived backgrounds becoming wildly successful because they had
a dream and a belief in their dream.

Napoleon Hill


Action Help

When planning your tasks for the day, schedule the ones that you
are not keen to do first. More often than not people leave the
jobs they don’t like to do until last. You will be far more
productive by getting the nasty stuff out of the way because then
you have all good stuff to look forward to. This changes your
whole attitude and gives you a lift for the rest of your day.

T Harv Eker in his book ‘Secrets of the Millionaire Mind’ gives
this great advice to us for when we are wondering if we should do
a particular thing or not. Maybe we have a project that we have
in mind but are fearful about getting started. Maybe it’s
something we are thinking about doing in our business that
involves taking a risk. He advises us to use his 2 magic words –

We will always go further faster by doing something than by
thinking about it for the next how ever many hours, weeks or even
years. Even if you don’t get the result you wanted you can
quickly try something else. Successful people tend to believe in
‘fail fast’ and get up and start again rather than spend for ever
worrying about whether to try it or not.


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