$436,797 in One Year Selling Other Peoples’ Stuff

Rosalind Gardner Super Affiliate

When it comes to making money online there is no better place to start than with affiliate marketing. 

For new people looking at how to use the Internet to make money there is no better way to start in my opinion. 

The start-up requirements don’t require anything that most people don’t already have;    
– a computer or way of accessing the Internet which since they are online already looking for ways to make money they have already   
– some spare time to put into their new venture   
– possibly a small amount of investment budget to send traffic to affiliate offers (not essential because there are no-cost ways of driving traffic)

With affiliate marketing;
you don’t need any technical skills,
you don’t need a hosting account,
you don’t need to register a domain name or any of the many other services that you would need as a product owner.

Now yes, if you get a domain name and a hosting account where you can host an email capture page you will make quicker progress but they are not essential starting out.

Getting started as an affiliate marketer is really easy for a complete newbie and where I always recommend they start.

Back when I started out online in the 1996 (wow, is it really that long ago?) there were very few people online and affiliate marketing was only just being invented.  

There is some dispute about who created the first affiliate program. Amazon say they had the first but I believe that Corey Rudl beat them to it and some say there were others before him.

Suffice it to say that it was very new and easy to make affiliate commissions then. I made my first commissions with Corey’s Internet Marketing Center back in 1997.

Someone else who started at about the same time and has gone on to become one of the world’s super affiliates (and in my opinion one of only two people in this category) is Rosalind Gardner

Back in 2003, after several years of honing her skills, Ros wrote the definite guide to affiliate marketing – The Super Affiliate Handbook “How I earned $436,797 in One Year Selling Other Peoples’ Stuff Online”. 

Ros has continued to make her full-time income from affiliate marketing since then and updated her handbook to keep it current. The last update was in January this year so it’s bang up to date. 

Much of Ros’s income comes from residual affiliate commissions something that I’ve stressed is vitally important if you want to have income security in your business. 

This has been particularly important in Ros’s case as I found out when I got back in touch with her recently. 

I hadn’t heard from her for a while and wondered whether she had given up posting anything online, concentrating instead on making a quiet living in the background. 

It was only when we got chatting that I found out she had taken 4 years off to deal with some personal issues. 

That’s 4 years when her income continued to support her so that she could take care of things and get back into activity when things were sorted. 

That’s the power of affiliate marketing when you build into your portfolio of affiliate offers ones that pay residual commissions. 

That’s why I keep banging on about forget the ‘bright shiny objects’ and put all your efforts and money you waste on the ‘next secret way to make a million’ into building a reliable, stable growing affiliate income stream.  

My Advice

There is no better place to start that journey than by getting Ros’s handbook, working through it from start to finish, and implement everything that one of the world’s top affiliates is doing to make a high 6 and possibly 7 figure income now in 2019. 

Where else can you get the sort of advice that, provided you put in the effort and follow everything she teaches, will virtually guarantee you a secure and prosperous future? 

I say virtually guarantee because our success depends on how much effort we put into something. We know that most people don’t take any kind of action at all and complain that things don’t work for them. 

Affiliate Marketing works!


Just about every major organisation on the planet now has an affiliate program as more of them take their businesses online. 

>> Start Your Affiliate Future Here 

Even though I have both the original and the first update of her handbook, I just got myself a copy of the latest updated version to keep myself up to date. 

This could be the time when things finally turnaround for you. You’ll learn in the handbook that trying to make money in the ‘make money online’ niche is actually a bad idea. 

There are many far less competitive niches to go for and Ros covers all of that and much more in her handbook. 

If I sound like a high pressure salesman I’m sorry, I don’t mean to but I get very frustrated by the number of people who need to find a way of making money and fall foul to the sharks online peddling ‘get rich quick’ crap. 

I’m really passionate about helping people get a better life, especially the growing number of 50, 60 and 70 year olds who are struggling with poverty in retirement. 

This is a disgrace in the 21st century in some of the richest countries on the planet. 

Let’s change that.

That’s all for now.

Post your comments below, I’d love to hear your views.

Kindest regards,


Trevor Greenfield

I'm a UK based Internet marketer. I've been generating an income online since 1997 and teaching other people to do the same since 1999.

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