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Hard to believe that we’re heading into the last month of 2021 already.

Is it just me or does time actually go faster as you get older? Mind you, It would be good to put this pandemic behind us and move on to a better life.

Sadly, there doesn’t appear to be any signs of that happening any time soon. Cases of the new variant are starting to spread here in the UK and more restrictions look to be inevitable in the New Year.

Talking about the New Year, now is the time when I take stock of how this year has gone and put plans in place for next year.

Looking back over what has been working this year I’ve noticed a growing trend in the demand for short read ebooks. An indication of this trend is Amazon now has entries under the Kindle section for various categories of short read ebooks.

I think there are two reasons for the growth in popularity of short reads now. The pandemic has got many people thinking about their future.

Working from home has started lots of people wondering about how safe their job is and that maybe now is the time to start that side hustle that they keep hearing about.

Coupled with that we have the fact that people today don’t want to have to wade through pages and pages or long videos to get answers to their questions.

The result is short reads, and with that comes an opportunity for us online marketers to build an income stream.

These short books don’t take much time to produce (once you get a system going – more on this later) and when you’ve created and published them they can be earning you money passively for years to come.

I know from my own experience, my Going Solo book about running solo ads pays me a small income every month from lots of the countries around the world where Amazon has a presence.

Publishing on Amazon is one way to generate an income from your short reads but there are lots of ways that you can use these short reports to build a revenue stream, and potentially a substantial revenue stream.

One example of this is producing your short report with PLR rights (private label rights).

The demand for PLR material seems to be increasing all of the time and if you can come up with an in-demand topic it can sell very well.

I purchase quite a lot of PLR myself and one of the sellers that I buy a lot from is Tiffany Lambert. Her work is amongst the best of any that I buy. She is based in the US and so English is her first language and top class unlike a lot of PLR being sold which can be full of mistakes.

What I like about her PLR is that she limits sales to just 50 buyers. That ensures that I have a maximum of 49 competitors. I say maximum because I know that a good percentage of buyers of any PLR never use it.

She charges $2 a page for her PLR and because her reports tend to be 5 or 6 pages long (yes, just 5 or 6 pages!) she charges $10 or $12 for them.

For 50 buyers that brings her in $500 or $600 each time. Now I know that she sells out every time, because I’ve been a bit slow grabbing one in the past and missed out, so that is what she generates from each one.

Not a life-changing income from each one for some, however she puts out as many as 2 every day currently. Now, that is life-changing.

I’m including short reports in my plans for 2022. I’ll be testing out PLR reports and Kindle short reads to see where I get the best revenue. I’ll let you know the outcome.

As I mentioned earlier, the secret to being able to crank these reports out on a regular basis is having a system to follow. I’m sure at this point you could be thinking, that’s great if you are a writer like Tiffany but I can’t write and wouldn’t know where to start anyway.

Now, although I like writing I did feel that I could do with some help in putting a plan together to do this. I found just what I needed and what will help you as well.

A good friend of mine had already put a training together that covers how to do this step-by-step and it didn’t cost me a fortune either.

Check it out here

Easy PDF Formula - creating short reports

Her name is Linda Tremer and is one us more senior types making a living online.

Now I have to warn you, if you’re expecting to get a high powered sales video and pressure sales message you’ll either be disappointed or if you’re like me, pleasantly surprised.

Linda just tells it like it is. She is proof that this works, it works for us old-uns and it will work for you if this is something that appeals.

Once you get your system working it isn’t difficult to build a job replacing income from this and if you’re really serious, like Tiff, a $100k plus a year business.

If you’re not a writer or don’t want to be one, you can find an outsourcer to write these reports for you and still make a good profit.

If you’re not sure where to get writers from I have found most of my outsource staff on onlinejobs.ph. These are people living in the Philippines and are very highly qualified candidates and very loyal, nice people too.

If you don’t find someone suitable there then my next choice would be upwork.com.

Either way this is something that I see real potential in and will be focusing on going forward.

This training from Linda will teach you what to do to make a real income from creating PDF’s and I highly recommend it.

See if it’s something you can use here

Until next time stay safe,

Kindest regards,


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