[UPDATE] – How I’m Beating Long Covid – The Simple Formula That Turned Things Around

Trevor Greenfield

Trevor here, welcome to my Action Today newsletter for today.

In yesterday’s email I spoke about my experiences over the last year or so catching and then getting over the effects of the Covid virus.

I’m pleased to say that I believe I’m over the worst of it now and ready and able to move on with my life.

I said yesterday that today’s email would be about what I’ve done to help get over the infection and move forward.

The first thing I had to do was identify my WHY.
After being online for over 20 years it may seem strange to you that I had to identify why I was doing this but let me explain.
Covid doesn’t just affect your lungs. Yes, the immediate effect for most people is the struggling to breath and that was my first symptom. However, the professionals now realise that it gets into just about every part of your body.

Aching muscles and general fatigue similar to what ME suffers have is also a symptom. I have that too but the worst long-term impact for me is the brain fog.

For me now, that just means I forget a lot. I set off to go get something and before I get there I’ve forgotten why I’m going. That’s getting better and is something I can live with.

Worse than that though is the lack of motivation I had post Covid that got me to needing to identify my WHY.

For many this leads to depression and I really feel for those people. I’ve never suffered with depression myself, thankfully, but I did get to the point whee I started to question what was the point of it all.

I was so exhausted a lot of the time that it was so much easier to just lie down and let the world go by. I did start to get more energy though and realised that I needed to start to get back to normal life.

Identifying my WHY
Over the years when I’ve asked people coming online to identify why they are doing it their immediate answer is usually – “I need to earn more money”. Sometimes it’s “I want to quit the job I hate” or “I want to be able to spend more time with my family”.

All of those are good reasons to get started online but not a valid WHY. WHY is actually a good word to use here to drill down until you finally get to your real WHY.
If you keep asking WHY to every answer you give you will finally get to the real reason which you can then use to plan how you achieve your real goal.

So for example, if you question why to “I need to earn more money” you might come up with “because it will help me pay my bills”. You can then question that answer. What will being able to pay your bills feel like? What is the benefit you get from it?

The answer could be “I will not stress about falling behind with payments” or “I could work less hours so be able to spend more time with my family”.

It’s a process of drilling down until you reach an answer that will really fire you up get started and keep going when the going gets tough.

For me the need to earn more money was one element. I did still have money coming in as a result of work done in the past but my income had been affected by not doing anything for over a year.

There were, however, more compelling reasons that came up when I did my own finding my WHY exercise. If I just gave up now I would feel like after over 20 years in this business I had failed.

I would have failed myself but also I would have failed my subscribers and I would have denied new people coming online the benefit of my experience in their journey.
I have always been passionate about helping people and that’s what fired me up to get off my rear and get back to work.

Going through this exercise got me back on track. 
If you have been struggling to find your reason to achieve your goals or have been going through what I have you might find this report useful.


There’s no charge for this. Take it with my compliments. If it can help you out that will be reward enough for me. 

If you have any questions after reading this or you feel I can help you in any way do please get in touch either by leaving a comment or replying to this email depending on where you read this.

As always, I wish you every success in anything you do.

Kindest regards,


P.S. Tomorrow I will expand on getting started if you are stuck. Look out for that.

Trevor Greenfield

I'm a UK based Internet marketer. I've been generating an income online since 1997 and teaching other people to do the same since 1999.

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