Stop Pitching Products, Here’s Why …

One of the most common types of question I get from my coaching clients is to do with response, or lack of response, to email offers.

Basically, the issue is a lack of opens or click-throughs to emails and links to products in the emails that people are sending out to their lists.

There usually follows some discussion about what they are offering, how it is being offered and to who and that uncovers the same underlying issue.

It’s a simple mistake that so many people are making so I thought it would useful to cover it in a post for everyone.

One of the common bits of advice that we see being offered to people wanting to make money online is this;

  • to go to JVZoo or WarriorPlus
  • pick a popular product from one of them
  • get your affiliate link for that product
  • send it to your list or send traffic to it via some advertising method like solo ads or other paid traffic method
  • Make money

Now, while you can and possibly will make some sales using this method it is basically bad advice.

The reason it’s bad advice is that there is no mention in that process about finding out if anyone on your list would actually be interested in the product you decide to offer.

This approach is just another element in the make quick money, push button easy money, shiny object approach that we see all the time online.

What it totally ignores is the fundamental basis of all business. The fact that we are marketing online doesn’t change the basic rules of direct response marketing (which is what it is) that have held true for hundreds of years.

We are all still motivated by one of two stimuli – a desire for pleasure or a desire to move away from pain.

To be successful online whatever you offer your subscribers must solve a problem or fulfil a desire for pleasure.

People generally won’t pull out their wallet and pay you for something just because you say so.

OK, I do know one or two marketers that have such a good relationship with their lists that their subscribers will buy everything they recommend.

But that is very rare and only happens because those subscribers believe that whatever these marketers recommend will solve a problem or need that they have.

Our job as marketers is to identify what our subscribers want, what their pain points are, what their passions are and provide them with solutions to those issues and desires.

If you’re building a list of subscribers ( and you should be) then the lead magnet or freebie that you offered them to join your list will give a good clue about what they are interested in.

For example, if your free gift was about list building then your subscribers are clearly interested in list building and will likely be interested in buying a product about list building.

If you get them on your list and immediately offer them a product about creating videos or running webinars they will be less likely to click through to your sales page and even less likely to buy.

Do you see how this works? We need to keep our message congruent all the way through our funnel – from the time they join our list right through to our high-ticket back-end product or service.

Zig Zigler was right when he famously said, “help enough people get what they want and you’ll get what you want by default”.

Find out what your subscribers want. Get them to send in their questions to you, use surveys to ask them, do whatever it takes to get a clear picture of who they are and what they want from you.

When you do this, when you know what they want and you offer them products and services that genuinely help them solve their need or desire, they will start to respond by clicking your links and buying.

So, stop pitching the latest product of the day and start providing help, advice, products and services that help your subscribers on their journey.

Before you know it you’ll find yourself a lot further along your own journey.

I’d love to know what your roadblock is. Send me an email with your thoughts or requirements to my private email address;

I read through every one and use them in my coaching.

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