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Welcome to my Sunday Supplement. 

I’m reading an excellent book at the moment. It’s title is “The Inner Game of Internet Marketing” and it’s written by Connie Ragen Green and Geoff Hoff. 

Unusually for a joint collaboration, the authors have decided to write two separate halves. 

Connie’s Background

The first half is written by Connie and in it she describes her life as she grew up.

Like many successful people she didn’t have a fantastic childhood. 

She had many obstacles to overcome as she grew up. How she managed to overcome them and how we can use some of those experiences in our own lives to get us to where we want to go are among the many lessons we can learn from the book.


As I was discussing last week, the world of duality comes up again here. 

Since the book talks about the inner game of Internet Marketing, it follows that there must also be an outer game

And indeed there is. 

Connie’s definition of the outer game are all of those tasks and activities that make up our online business. It also includes the strategies we employ to make them work together. 

Our inner game is which is entirely in our mind. It refers to the way we internalise all of the physical and emotional things that we experience from when we are born and become aware of the world around us. 

This inner game affects the way we live our lives, how we react to people and circumstances and deal with situations we encounter. 

Learning To Focus Our Mind

The important lesson here is that by learning how to focus our mind and actually give attention to the world around us, we can change our inner game. 

We can live the life we choose, free from the fears that hold us back and limiting beliefs that we have taken on board growing up. 

This is powerful stuff and at the root of why some people succeed and some don’t. 

T Harv Eker

This question is the one that set T Harv Eker  down his journey to identify why this happens and is the basis of his training and book “Secrets of The Millionaire Mind”. 

Many of you will have sat in a room of several hundred people all receiving the same training from the stage. 

Most of the attendees will be taking lots of notes and listening intently to the speaker. 

Have you ever stopped to wonder, why it is that less than 5 percent of the people in that audience actually do anything with those notes? 

More importantly, why it is that only 1 maybe 2 percent of the people in that audience actually become successful as a result? 

This is the question that Harv asked himself.

Why did only a very small percent of the people, who were all receiving the exact same information from him, take that information and become wildly successful while the majority did not? 

It happens at every seminar, workshop, webinar, you name it. 

Why is that?  

Ask yourself now.

Leave a comment below.  

Think of a seminar (or workshop or webinar) you’ve attended. If you haven’t attended one, think of a product you’ve bought.

Did you achieve what you were thinking you’d achieve or what the event or product promised you’d achieve?

If not, why was that?

Think about it, I mean really think.

Take some time with this. You invested money and your valuable time in it.  

Why didn’t it move you or your business forward?

Leave a comment below.

This is one of the things that both Connie and Geoff teach us to do in their book.

They provide action steps to take to improve our ability to become more aware of the things that happen around us.


Geoff’s half of the book is all about creativity.

He dispels the myth that creativity is something you either have or you don’t. That it’s something that we get handed down to us at birth by God, the Universe or whatever power you believe is responsible for bestowing such things on us.

He believes that creativity is a behaviour that can be learned like any other skill. That’s great news for many of us who have felt very un-creative at times.

I believe that continual learning is crucially important to us as humans.

Our potential to learn and grow continues throughout our lives.

And how successful we are at learning is very dependent on how we train ourselves to become aware of our senses and be able to pick up on things that are happening all around us and use them in our lives.

Learning how to do that is what Geoff teaches in his part of the book.

I’m reading the Kindle version, but it’s available in hardback as well.

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You Have A Choice

Today, like everyday online, you’ll get several emails promoting all sorts of products. Products you’ll be told you must have if you are to stand any chance of success online.

Most of those promotions will almost certainly cost you more than this book and do nothing to help you achieve your dreams of a better life.

If you’re on Kindle unlimited you’ll get this free.

Do yourself a massive favour and get this book instead.

The results that we experience in our lives start with our thoughts. Our thoughts lead to feelings, feelings lead to actions and our actions produce the results.

This book is aimed at getting you’re thoughts right. Do that and the results you want will follow.

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