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I’ve enjoyed watching my Grandson grow up. I’ve been very proud, like all Grandads, of how he has grown into a really great human being.  

I guess that it was inevitable, since I’m involved with Internet Marketing, that he would end up going that route.  He’s currently a social media marketer for a big automotive organisation here in the UK.  

Anyway, the reason for this post is he also runs a very interesting blog that is basically a collection of random facts that he picks up each day.   Today’s post was especially interesting.  

Have you heard of the game Fortnite?   I hadn’t until Dan mentioned it but it appears that it’s a free-to-play game that has kids everywhere completely obsessed with it.   

But the really weird thing, and interesting from a marketing point of view, is that people are willing to pay $20 an hour to learn how to be better at the game.  

Now, you can understand the kids wanting to get better at the game and worrying their parents to stump up $20 for them to have the lessons.  

But no, it’s the parents who are wanting to pay the money so that their kids don’t look stupid and maybe get bullied at school for not being good at the game.  

Is that where we’ve come to in 2019?  

I’d be interested in what you think of this in the comments below.   As an online marketer it just proves yet again that the opportunities for building an income online are endless.  

Is there a skill that you have that other people will pay for?   There could be an opportunity for you there.  

If you’re interested in all sorts of random facts, Dan’s blog is well worth a read.  

You’ll find him at or on Twitter at #tdil  

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