Scenes of Singapore

I said I would put up some photographs of my recent visit to Singapore so here goes.

I stayed at The Park Hotel on Clarke Quay. The Park Hotel is a new hotel, only open for 3 weeks when I got there, and a really nice hotel at that. The service and facilities were excellent. Since it was new it didn’t seem to be too crowded making my stay so much better.
Singapore is a very picturesque island and one of the best ways to see the main city area is by taking a river boat cruise along the Singapore river. The cost of the cruise is very reasonable at around S$15 and it takes you from where you get on out to the harbour where it turns round and travels back up through the city past Robertson Quay and back again in a seemingly endless circuit. At various points along it’s journey it stops at landing stages to put down and pick up passengers.
There a many boats like this plying their way back and forth along the river. The river winds its way through the city back and forth and while most of the passengers are tourists their are a few locals getting a lift to another part of the city.
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