Time For A Shake-Up In The Online World

Throughout history, whenever there has been an opportunity to make money or acquire wealth there has always been a small section of people, sadly, that look for ways of capitalizing on that opportunity to get wealthy without putting the work in to get it. It seems to be part of some people’s nature that scamming their fellow humans is par for the course.

Whether it be the gold rush, or one of the many tecnological advances there has always been those that put the work in to build profitable businesses and those that look for ways to cheat the system and the public.

Sadly, the Internet is no exception. As the Internet matures and the opportunities to use it to build successful incomes grows, the scams, the misleading information and outright lies grows even faster. Today, we seem to have reached epidemic proportions and many people like me are now saying enough is enough.

The Internet is getting a reputation as a place to get ripped off, a place where you’re likely to lose your hard-earned money trying to build an alternative lifestyle and we need to reverse that thinking. It’s time for those of us who genuinely care to point the way to where a newbie can go for sound ethical advice and guidance.

I believe that we’ve reached the stage where those of us that run ethical businesses online and only want to work with people that want to learn to do the same need to stand up and be counted. I’m seeing several of them are already doing this which I believe is the start of what will be the biggest shake-up in the online marketing world since it’s beginnings in the early 1990’s.

Because of this I decided during the last week to sit down and define my vision, mission statement and core beliefs & values that are the hallmarks of my business going forward. I believe that by stating clearly what I believe in and stand for I will help those people coming online looking for an ethical coach to help guide them to their goals make sound choices.

I’ve updated my about page to reflect this new stance. If you’re as sick of the scams as I am leave me a comment, I’d like to get people views on this.

Let’s make a change starting today. If you’re having trouble finding someone to set you on the right path submit a support ticket at my helpdesk and let me know what you issues are. I’ve avoided running a coaching program in the past but if I get enough people that want help then it will be time for me to step up to the mark and do my bit to help.



Trevor Greenfield

I'm a UK based Internet marketer. I've been generating an income online since 1997 and teaching other people to do the same since 1999.

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