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Picture of the entrance to the harbour in Singapore - taken by Trevor GreenfieldEntrance to Singapore harbour viewed from a river cruise boat

When I was in Singapore I met up with a new Internet marketing friend, Alvin Phang. Alvin has been working online since only June 2006 and now generates a 5 figure monthly income working full-time online. I did an exclusive interview with him for a new coaching product that I am launching soon and during that interview I got Alvin to share some hints and tips that are not generally discussed.

Alvin has had a lot of success with his first product Atomic Blogging which is now up to version 3.0 Atomic Blogging is a real newbie to full-time blogging course that covers all you need to know to become a successful blogger in the shortest time. What I really like about it is that Alvin is a very down-to-earth sincere sort of guy and this comes through in his course content.

I had the original version of this system and liked it but actually purchased version 3 so that I could test it out myself. There is a lot more in version 3 than 1 or 2, it is very comprehensive and extremely easy to follow. This latest version, which was released earlier this year, contains a 150 page step-by-step manual, his own keyword research tool, a wordpress theme, video tutorials, a specially created plugin and depending on your level of membership lots of PLR articles every month plus lots more that I don’t have room to list here.

If you are still wondering what you need to do to get started online, actually making some money from blogging, this tutorial will guide you there provided you focus on it and nothing else until you have completed all of the steps and begun generating money. The biggest difficulty facing us all these days is the inability to focus laser-like on one thing at a time.

Check out Atomic Blogging here

As I mentioned above, Alvin has a new product, Twitter Online System, which he is launching tomorrow, 9th June at 10.00 EST. This system is designed to create increasing numbers of Twitter followers quickly and easily without having to follow thousands yourself to get them. The current way of getting lots of followers is to follow the maximum allowed by Twitter yourself and hopefully about half of them will follow you in return. You then need to go through the ones you are following and ‘unfollow’ all those that are not following you.

You then top up those you are following to the maximum and again wait for as many of those as possible to follow you. This process certainly works, I’ve used it myself, but it is a very laborious process to say the least. Alvin’s Twitter Online System gets you lots of followers without all this hassle. It has been in beta for the last couple of weeks and those testing it have reported getting 150 and more followers per day using it.

I’ve just got to start testing it out myself. Knowing Alvin as I do now I think this little tool will revolutionize how we work with Twitter. In my interview with Alvin he describes how he considers Twitter to be very similar to an autoresponder. He creates a separate Twitter account for each niche that he is working in and considers his followers as nothing more that people on his list. He has already gathered 0ver 7500 followers on his main Internet Marketing account using this system and his testers have generated considerably more between them.

Thinking of Twitter as just another autoresponder has opened up all sorts of possibilities in my view. For newbies just starting out who don’t have a lot of money to invest in the likes of aweber, Twitter provides a very good free alternative.

Alvin is planning an early bird discount at launch time, which he won’t tell me what it is, so if you are using Twitter this is one to look out for. Those of you that do decide to give Twitter Online System a try, if you buy it from my link here, I’ll send you a copy of my exclusive interview with Alvin. Just send me a copy of your receipt and I’ll send you a download link for it.

Take a look at Twitter Online System here

Tomorrow I’ll put up more pictures of my Singapore trip.

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