… I’m Making SOL

Those of you who subscribe to my email newsletter will have read about my admission that I have SOS … That’s Shiny Object Syndrome… … the irresistible urge to buy one or more of the never ending products being launched these days. In their marketing material, lots of marketers online criticize those of us that buy Shiny […]

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Make $1000’S In These Niches

I said in yesterday’s post that I had something special for you today. If you’re in a hurry here it is; http://www.trevor-greenfield.com/ewen/ The biggest majority of products launched every day are in the Internet Marketing, make money online niche. Just about everything coming out of JVZoo and Warriorplus are in the same niche . Now I […]

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What’s Holding You Back?

Hi, Your Motivational Monday Post. Is there some aspect of making money online that’s holding you back? Maybe you feel that you’re not technical enough. Or maybe you have technical ability but feel it’s marketing skills that you lack. Many people complain of a lack of time while trying to run with multiple projects at the same time. Or it’s […]

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My Traffic Secret – Revealed

Solo Ads

I’ve mentioned in previous posts that traffic is one of those subjects that dominates most marketer’s thinking. A high percentage of the emails that we get and launches that are made are about traffic. When you think about it that’s not really a surprise. After all unless people get to your website and see your […]

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Traffic Tips For Beginners


One of the most popular topics that comes up time and time again when I talk to people at workshops and networking events is traffic. In many instances I find that the person asking me about traffic doesn’t have anywhere to send that traffic to if they had it, but that’s a topic for another […]

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Are You Happy With Your Life?


I’ve mentioned before that I like to start my week with some motivation. For me that usually involves me checking out a TED talk. If you haven’t come across TED talks before I encourage you to go to the TED talks website and check out what’s there. I’ve gained so many valuable insights about business, […]

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News From The Archives

I’m a great hoarder of stuff. I can’t help it, I just don’t like throwing things away in case they come in useful at some point in the future. Do you relate to that, or are you one of those people that can keep clutter down to a manageable level? Anyway, I’m a hoarder and sometimes it […]

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