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I had today’s newsletter all sorted out on a completely different topic then at the last minute I got the OK to tell you about this special offer.

Very occasionally, and it is pretty rare these days, an offer comes along that is not only genuine and helpful to us as Internet marketers, but is high quality as well.

The offer I received in the last couple of days qualifies on all counts.

When I’m working with my private clients the biggest issue that has been holding the majority back by far is the technology.

As soon as they need to get a squeeze page created to capture leads and build a list they are stumped and often feel like giving up at that point.

So, imagine my delight when This offer dropped into my hands that eliminates just about all tech issues immediately.

So let me ask you, what if you could build any kind of MONEY website or MONEY store without ever doing the following things:

>> Setting up hosting
>> Installing WordPress
>> Adding plugins or apps
>> Trying to understand the latest drag & drop builders
>> Configuring everything: security, backups
>> Monitoring and constantly updating stuff
And a bunch of other things that contribute nothing to how much money you make?

Would that make things easier for you?

Would that help you make progress towards making some money online and would that be of interest to you?

Well if so, I have some great news for you today.

Allow me to introduce you to an insane technology that allows you to build any kind of website that you want in minutes and turn more ideas into money-making business faster than ever before.

And do all this with;

>> No complicated setups.
>> No plugins, apps, or extensions to buy. 
>> No maintenance on your part.

It is all built on Amazon Cloud (the best hosting system in the world), so there is no downtime either.

Not only that but for a small one-time fee you get a licence to host 3 full-function websites plus in addition to that you also get a licence for 3 ecom stores.

No need to pay monthly for a shopify account at a much higher cost per month. With this solution you pay a small one-time fee. There are no monthly or annual recurring fees.

Creating your website or ecom store with this software is newbie easy. I know because I jumped on this deal as soon as I could and have started on my first niche website using this solution.

It’s a dream to work with. I have my main hosting with D9 hosting but build lots of niche sites which this solution will be ideal for.

People often ask me whether there are any upsells to the products I recommend so for complete transparency there some upsells with this.

I don’t often bother with most upsells on offer but I did go for the for some of the upsells with this, the first of which is an opportunity to upgrade to the 10x pro version.

The 10x pro version adds an additional 10 websites and 10 ecom stores for just a bit extra money. To be honest at the price being offered I think it’s a no brainer. That will give you the potential of 13 websites and 13 stores which should more than enough to be going on with.

I’ll leave you to decide on which upsells you go for but certainly get the 10x pro version.

Now, this is a special offer for this weekend only which is why I switched today’s topic to tell you about it. So you need to jump on this quick.

Click this link to read all about everything else you get with this, there isn’t room to include it all, because there is much more to it than I’ve covered here.

Here’s the link to go to;


Make sure that you go this link that I’ve agreed with Peter to get the special price because the pricing on the site is different and you could miss out on what we have here.

As always if you have any questions or comments feel free to get in touch at any time.

Have a GREAT day,

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 P.S. Do this now because the price is going up soon and you’ll miss the deal of a lifetime.

Here’s the link you need.
Click here to get your website licences

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