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Welcome to my Sunday Supplement.

This weeks supplement is all about procrastination.

To complete the headline – Don’t Get It Perfect, Get It Done!

Is there something that you’ve been putting off? Maybe for weeks or even years?

I speak from experience here because I’ve been putting parts of my business off for years.

I know I’m not alone here. I know that many of us just want to get things perfect before we launch them.

In my case there is one thing that I’ve been putting off for the best part of the 20 or so years that I’ve been online.

It’s something that I know would make my business much more successful and yet I’ve been putting it off.

What is this thing that I’ve been putting off all these years and more importantly why?

And even more importantly, what has this to do with you and your success online?

Well for me it is launching a membership site. I’ve known almost from the beginning of my online adventure that membership sites have so many benefits when it comes to marketing online.

They provide a way to deliver so much more benefit to your subscribers and provide a potential for residual income for you.

I first came across the idea of running a membership site from Bill Myers, one of my earliest mentors. Bill had a way of working that whenever he came across something that he needed to run his business that wasn’t available elsewhere he would create it (or get it created).

This was back in the early days when there wasn’t much software around to use, unlike today where we are overloaded with software solutions (many of which we don’t really need).

When Bill decided he needed a membership site, and at the time there wasn’t any software around to manage one, he built the software himself.

That software was Membergate. Bill used it to power his membership site and, as was his habit, once he got it working for himself he sold it to other people.

At the time I didn’t feel I was ready to run a membership site so didn’t see the need to buy it. This was probably one of my first instances of putting things off.

Membergate is still being marketed today, although Bill sold it many years ago and more recently it has been sold again to the current owners.

Membergate has always been quite expensive and you need to host your membership site with their recommended hosting, so over the years I’ve bought and tried out just about every membership script, plugin or software there is in my search for an alternative solution.

The crazy thing is that I could probably have purchased Membergate outright with the money I’ve spent on other solutions.

Procrastination, it can kill your business if you’re not careful.

For years I’ve been thinking that for me the perfect solution is Membergate and so I’ve been looking for a solution that gives me what Membergate would give me but a bit cheaper.

I’ve been looking to get it perfect, when I should just have been getting it done.

Many of the solutions I’ve tried, in fact just about all of them in fact, would have provided me with a way of managing members.

I could have just got it done years ago and then got it perfect as time went on.

Is there something that you’ve been putting off getting done because you just can’t find a perfect solution?

Is there a way of getting up and running now in a less than perfect way? A way to get it done now and improve as you go?

As Marlon Sanders once said at a seminar I attended, “half done, nearly done, will be done next week, will be done when I get the right software Marlon, … ain’t done!

Only done makes you money. Half done don’t make you money so get it done”.

Sometimes it’s lack of knowledge to do it ourselves that holds us back. Added to that the thought of facing the learning curve just puts us off.

It’s happened to me on a number of occasions. There have been times when I’ve bought a new software solution and after the initial enthusiasm to get it implemented in my business, the sheer task of learning how it works and how to get it implemented has meant that it got abandoned.

We just seem to have less time to spend now working our way through endless video tutorials before we can see the benefit of the solution we just bought.

When something doesn’t work very quickly, we get tempted by the next solution that promises quicker results. Unfortunately, they rarely deliver those promised quick results which is why we have the dreaded shiny object syndrome.

So, the takeaway from this Sunday Supplement is to get it done and improve as you go.

Either work with what you’ve got or find a solution that you can afford and get it running even if it isn’t your perfect solution.

If it’s lack of knowledge that’s holding you back, then get someone on Fiverr to do it for you very cheaply. There are still some Fiverr gigs that are just $5 or not much more.

In my case, I’ve decided to go with Optimizepress as my membership site solution and get it done. And because I want to get it done as quickly as possible I’m going to use someone on Fiverr to set it up for me even though I could do it myself in time.

Identify what’s been holding you back and find a way of getting it done now. When you do, send me an email and let me know what you’ve done and how it’s impacted your business.

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Trevor Greenfield

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